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Door to Door Real Estate Sales

Calling all hustlers! Contenza Properties is looking to grow its sales team. Payouts are high, but this isn’t a job for the faint of heart. Keep reading if you’re the type to step up to a challenge!


Contenza Properties is looking for an energetic and charismatic individual who is ready to hit the streets, knock on some doors, and help us close sales.


You’ll be speaking with homeowners with the purpose of finding out if they or anyone they know want or need to sell their home. We’re looking for what the real estate industry refers to as “Motivated Sellers.”


You will be educating homeowners on the type of properties Contenza buys, the process of working with Contenza Properties, and how they can earn some extra cash with Contenza’s referral program.  




  • You must be personable, energetic, and charismatic.

  • Develop a deep understanding of Contenza Properties and the services we provide.

  • Be able to discuss the benefits Contenza Properties offers homeowners fluently.

  • Feel comfortable sharing information on how Contenza’s referral program works.  

  • Take clear photos and videos of the interior and exterior of the property for review.

  • If we buy one of you’re properties, you’ll have to follow up once or twice a week with the crew doing the turnover.

  • Send over photos/videos of completed work until the renovations are completed.


Your primary goal will be to speak with the homeowner face to face. Your optional secondary goal, if no one answers, will be to leave a door hanger.


Optional: As a member of the sales team, you can order door hangers if you’d like. You can use them to leave on doors if no one answers, or they can make a great piece to reference while speaking with a homeowner. Purchasing door hangers is completely optional.



Door Hanger Base Price


  • 50 - $27

  • 100 - $45

  • 250 - $65

  • 500 - $85

  • 750 - $105

  • 1,000 - $125  

  • Shipping is typically $6 - $7

  • Tax


We can usually get you between a 25% - 40% discount depending on Vistaprint’s current sales



The Door Knocker position is a commission based job. You will be paid 10% of the net profits for each sale we close from your door-knocking efforts. You will be paid at the closing of the resale of the property.


There's no payout limit, so the more results you see, the more you will earn!


Apply online today below if you have what it takes!


Want to see some of the projects we’re working on before you apply? Check us out on Facebook


Jordan Reid - Founder & CEO

Ashley Mubaraki - Partner


Please note: We are just now starting to build our sales team. There may be some bumps along the road, but that’s okay. We need people who want to learn and grow with us!

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