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Have you ever wanted to earn money by simply driving your car (without other people in it)? You have? Keep on reading! Today you have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for Contenza Properties!


Here is what it takes to be a brand ambassador. We couldn't make it any simpler if we tried.


Step 1: Give us a call and tell us about yourself.


Step 2: Talk with us and learn a little bit about our real estate business, Contenza Properties, and your role. Then determine if you’d like to move onto the next steps.


Step 3: We will evaluate your vehicle to see if it’s best suited for a window decal, side door magnets, or even both! The more exposure the decals and or magnets have, the higher the chance of getting a referral.


Step 4: You decide how many you’d like to place on your vehicle and where.


Step 5: We order the decals and or magnets for you, but you will pay for them upfront. We will reimburse you for the full costs when you get your first referral payout. Before applying, please make sure you are okay with buying your marketing materials upfront and getting reimbursed on your first referral payout.  



Marketing Material Costs


  • 12X24 Car Magnet - Base price: $32

  • 12x18 Car Decal -  Base Price: $18

  • Shipping is typically $6 - $7

  • Tax 


Sometimes we can apply a 25% - 40% discount depending on Vistaprint’s current sales.



Step 6: Place the decal and or magnets on your vehicle so you can start pulling in referrals!


Step 7: The decal will have your phone number on it so we can track who’s vehicle brought in the referral. You will have to be comfortable taking inbound calls. All you’ll have to do is gather the caller's information and tell them they need to speak with Jordan or Ashley. Then inform them that you will forward us their contact info, and we’ll contact them shortly.


Step 8: Send us their contact information.


Step 9: If/when the deal closes, you will receive your finders fee. $250 will be paid out once Contenza closes the initial sale, and the final $250 will be paid out once we resell the property for a total payout of $500. 


There's no payout limit, so the more successful deals you refer, the more you will earn!


Apply below to get started!


We look forward to hearing from you!


Jordan Reid - Founder & CEO

Ashley Mubaraki - Partner

Contenza Properties Window Decal & Door Magnet

Contenza Properties - "We Buy Houses" - Car Decal
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Contenza Properties - "We Buy Houses" - Car Door Magnet
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*Please apply below before placing an order. 

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