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It's the easiest $1,000 you'll ever make (Seriously)

Know someone who needs to sell their house quickly? Maybe they:


  • Own a fixer-upper and need a fast cash offer.

  • Recently inherited property they don't want. 

  • Are facing the unfortunate process of foreclosure. 


Contact us below to discuss the situation. We'll pay you $1,000 if we're able to buy the property.

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Why Make A Referral To Contenza?

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Contenza Properties is a direct home buyer. We buy houses in as-is condition, aim to close quickly, and put a large chunk of cash back in homeowner's pockets. When someone sells their home directly to Contenza Properties, they never have to do any repairs, staging, or pay any fees. 


Types of Homes Contenza Accepts Referrals For


  • Vacant and uninhabited homes 

  • Homes that have been previously rented and damaged. 

  • Light cosmetic jobs / Moderate rehabs / Full Fixer-Uppers  

  • Outdated and functionally obsolete properties

  • Outdated homes in need of remodeling

  • Properties that suffered from fire damage 

  • unwanted inherited properties

  • Properties that have been served NOD's 

  • Foreclosures and REO's 


Do you know someone who needs to sell your property fast for cash? Submit your info below today to get started! 

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