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Are you an amazing contractor who takes pride in their work?

We want to hear from you!


Contenza Properties is a real estate developer that puts people first. Real estate developers seem to always have hassles with contractors, but Contenza aims to build better, healthier, long-term relationships with our contractors.


Contenza Properties follows a standard process for all of our projects. From bidding, quote selection, labor draws, purchase of materials, and project management. 

house in need of renovations

Bidding & Selection

How we handle bidding

  • Contenza puts together a complete scope of work. 

  • We send you the scope of work to review and see if it's a project you're interested in. 

  • We schedule a time for you to view the house

  • Did we miss anything? Let us know if you have any suggestions or notice something we missed.

  • You put together a detailed bid outlining the labor cost break down of each line item using our standard bid sheet below 

  • Bids must be submitted within 48 hours after property review.

  • We do not work with hourly bids, only bids on a per project and line item basis.  

boxes sitting on the floor

Draws & Materials

Handling draws and materials

  • We will work together to put together milestones for draws.

  • After a milestone is hit, we'll disburse a labor draw to you. 

  • Before we disburse a draw, we will confirm the work.

  • Materials will be paid for as needed by Contenza. 

  • We review every receipt for material purchases. We do not allow up-charges on materials.

  • Materials that go unused must be returned to where they were purchased. We do not store excess materials for later projects.  

house ready for sale

Project Management

How we manage projects

  • The property manager will check in on the status of the renovations once or more every week. 

  • If we run into an unforeseen  issue, we will discuss the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective way to address it. 

  • During the project, we will keep in close contact to make sure renovations are moving along on budget and on schedule. 

  • At the end of the project, the quality of work will be thoroughly reviewed. Contenza aims only to put the highest quality product on the market. 


Why Work With Contenza 

Contenza Properties aims to build long-term relationships. We'll take care of you if you take care of us. 


  • We take our projects seriously. We don't cut corners and aim to renovate homes to the highest possible standard. 

  • We will pay you a fair price for your work. 

  • There's an opportunity for more work in the future.


Do you take pride in your work and refuse to settle for anything less than a job done right? If so, we can't wait to speak with you! 

Our Ideal Contractor

Professional | Honest | Timely | Takes pride in their work | Consistently on or under budget | Loves taking a house from an eyesore to a modern marvel | Can’t sleep if they know a piece of laminate is out of place | Eats, breaths, and lives all things construction


We only work with licensed contractors and require all contractors to carry their own workman's comp or workman's comp exemption.

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