Contenza’s Commitment To Fight Climate Change

Contenza's Commitment to Fighting Climate Change
It's time to act

Currently, over 500 wildfires are raging throughout the state of California.

And no, it’s not because we Californians do a poor job cleaning our forest floors.

Climate change is helping contribute to the

  • Intensification

  • Frequency

  • And the duration of wildfires in California.

But it’s not just California’s problem; it’s all of our problems.

The U.S. east coast has seen a surge in the frequency of hurricanes. Island nations and coastal cities are spending billions to fight rising sea levels. And we’ve all heard about the rapid melting of the ice sheets in Greenland.

No matter where you go, the effects of climate change are there.

This is All of our Problem

Every human alive has to deal with the effects of climate change in some way or another.

Right now, people are:

  • Losing their homes

  • Losing their livelihoods

  • Or worse, losing their lives

And we need to accept that our society’s reliance on dirty energy (Fossil fuels) is playing a significant role in it.

According to an article published by NASA, 97% of the scientific community agree and understands that humans and their activities contribute to rapid climate change.

Climate Denial Doesn’t Only Make No Sense; It’s Dangerous.

How can anyone argue with 97% of the scientific community who have dedicated their lives to understanding natural phenomena?

Climate change is real, it’s burning down some people’s front doors, and it’s demanding an immediate response.

The State of California has taken massive action to make progress towards a 100% renewable energy grid.