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Should You Get An Inspection Before Listing Your House?

Home inspection report
Getting a pre-inspection can give you leverage while negotiating with buyers

Homebuyers are a worrisome lot, especially first time home buyers. While their concern is justified in that purchasing a property is a significant investment, their concerns can be hard to deal with as a seller.

Even real estate agents often struggle to placate home buyers with their never-ending lists of concerns. Just about every single buyer in the nation will want to have a home inspection performed before moving forward with the purchase.

Their banks also require a home inspection to be performed before signing off on the financing to close the deal. Here’s what you should know about home inspections and why buyers should always get one.

Why Are Home Inspections Such a Big Deal When Buying or Selling a Property?

You might be wondering why home inspections are such a big deal and why buyers are so insistent about them.

For the buyer, buying a home is a dream come true. It’s a step up in life, and it’s something that they’re simultaneously excited and incredibly nervous about.

It’s just another investment for a bank, and like any investment, they will want to make sure that they aren’t going to lose money on it.

Of course, buyers like to think that they’re just as heavily financially invested in the deal, but the bank is really most at risk financially.

When you have a mortgage, owning a home is like a more glorified version of renting, at least until the loan is paid off. While the buyer might not be as directly invested financially, they are most certainly invested emotionally.

The emotional aspect is part of the reason why they can be so picky and freak out over what seems like the smallest of things.

Some buyers like to bring their folks along with them when checking out a property. For those lucky enough to have a handyman in the family, we often want to lean on their knowledge and skills to help spot potential problems with the home.

Although having a parent tag along to check out the house and look for any issues might be of great comfort to the buyers themselves, it won’t instill much confidence in a bank. That’s why they will insist on having a home inspection.

Ultimately, the reason you always need to have a home inspection comes down to the buyer and their bank’s interests. Unfortunately, home inspections don’t always bring good news for the seller.

Home Inspections From the Seller’s Perspective

The only significant benefit that a home inspection offers to a seller aside from completing a prereq for closing a deal is that it could help them command a higher price.

Although an appraisal will be the ultimate test for value, passing a home inspection can give sellers the ability to refute various buyers’ concerns or complaints.

For example, if a buyer tries making a lowball offer because they have been insisting that something is wrong with the home structurally, and the home inspector doesn’t find anything wrong, they’ll have to come back up in price.

If, on the other hand, the home inspection goes badly and the inspector finds that there are several severe problems with the home, the deal will go up in flames.

After waiting for weeks to go through the whole process, everything will be washed away, and you’ll have wasted a lot of precious time. When problems are brought out into the light after a home inspection, the buyer will balk, and the bank will slam their pocketbook shut, ending the deal.

In conclusion, home inspections are designed to protect buyers, but they can add a lot of risk to any deal from the seller’s perspective.

Sell to Contenza Properties Instead

Now that you know more about home inspections, you might be getting nervous at this point if you’re trying to sell your home. There is a way around all of the fuss.

Contenza Properties buys homes outright with cash offers, and we’re not nearly as particular as a bank. If your home has problems, it’s not a problem for us. We’d be glad to help you out and take it off your hands with a cash offer.

We perform inspections internally and are much more lenient than any traditional home inspector. Get a fair offer for your home without any of the fuss that comes with deals that are dependent on conventional financing.

Don’t put yourself through the stress of a home inspection. Get in touch with Contenza Properties today and get the ball rolling.


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