9 Guaranteed Ways to Find a Great Contractor

Updated: Jan 26

Contractor doing carpentry work for a home renovation
Finding A Great Contractor Can Be Challenging, But It Can Be Done!

Here Are 9 Ways You Can Find a Great Contractor For Your Renovation Project

Let’s be honest. Contractors have a bad reputation. Many homeowners have concerns about whether they’re working with a legit contractor or someone who wants to scam them and runoff.

I once heard a story about how a homeowner hired a contractor to do a $60,000 job. Everything seemed on the up and up:

  • All of their paperwork checked out.

  • They allegedly had licenses.

  • They said all the right things.

The homeowner paid the contractor the full $60,000 upfront, and the contractor was never heard from again.


I, too, hired a contractor who consistently lied to me telling me work was completed; meanwhile, it wasn’t. Most of what they did was cover up stuff up, hide it, and lie about it.

I didn’t lose $60,000, but I lost enough.

I’m going to teach you how you can find a great contractor, and how to properly pay your contractors so you can avoid the fate of many unfortunate homeowners out there.

1. Yelp

Yelp is a great way to look for local contractors who have already been used by other residents in your city.

When looking for contractors on Yelp, thoroughly read all of the reviews. Check to see if people mention the following:

  • They showed up on time.

  • They listened to your needs.

  • They came in on budget.

  • They fixed any issues without giving you a hard time.

If the contractor you’re looking for has mostly positive reviews, and one bad one that trashes them, maybe they had a bad day. No one is perfect.

Contractors with mostly negative reviews should be avoided. And contractors with no reviews, well, use them at your own risk! Someone has to be the first to try them out, right?

Yelp does not allow businesses to remove reviews and discourages business owners from soliciting reviews of any kind.

Let’s take a look at searching for Contractors directly on Yelp.

When you go to, you’ll see a search box like the one in the photo below.