I Wish I Knew This Before Looking For A Realtor

How to find a great realtor

You’re ready to sell your house.


But before you start looking for a realtor, here’s everything I wish I knew before I started looking for the right real estate agent.

Find A Realtor Specific To Your Needs

Not all realtors are created equal.

Like everything else, realtors have specialties. A realtor may focus on:

  • Representing buyers.

  • Representing sellers.

  • Helping track down investment properties.

Just in case you’re not too keen on the differences, let’s review them below.

Buyer’s Agents

Buyer’s agents typically work with people looking to purchase a home.

A good buyer’s agent will:

  • Have to take their clients on home buying tours.

  • Write up and submit offers.

  • And guide their clients through the home buying process from start to finish.

In my experience, buyer’s agents have a lot more on their plate than seller’s agents.

Seller’s Agents

Seller’s agents typically focus on helping people sell their homes.

A good seller’s agent should:

  • Advise their client on a fair starting price for their home.

  • Recommend what needs to be done to the house before listing it.

  • Help sellers review and negotiate offers.

  • Hold open houses, if they want to, and if you want them to.

Seller’s agents generally have the easier job of the two for one reason.