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Why You Should Sell Your House Directly To Contenza Properties

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Working with Contenza Properties to sell your house
Selling your house doesn't have to be a hassle

The majority of people believe they have to sell their house using a real estate agent. While selling a property with an agent is the most common way to go, it’s not the only way.

In this article, we’re going to discuss another option to consider when it comes time to sell your house. That option is selling directly to a professional home buyer like Contenza Properties.

What Is Contenza Properties?

Contenza Properties is a professional home buying company.

Contenza works with homeowners who wish to sell their properties quickly, and without having to go through the typical process of listing on the open market.

As a direct home buyer, Contenza makes cash or terms offers for owners to consider.

Why Should I Sell My House To Contenza Properties?

Most sellers choose to sell to Contenza because of the convenience of the process.

Rather than having to:

  • Find an agent

  • Sign all the paperwork

  • Clean the house

  • Stage the house

  • And show the house

You can get an offer directly from us.

What Are The Benefits of Selling My House To Contenza Properties?

Selling your house to Contenza will get you a few sweet benefits:

  • We don’t charge you a commission or fees

  • We will never ask you to do any repairs

  • You do not have to clean the property at all

  • You do not have to stage the house for us to view it

  • We can close quickly

  • There‘s no need to hold multiple showings or deal with the hectic nature of listing your property on the MLS

  • We can help you move

  • You'll get $1,000 cashback at closing

Is There A General Process I Can Expect?

You can expect to follow this general process when you decide to sell to Contenza.

A representative from Contenza will hold a brief conversation with you over the phone to discuss the property.

We will come out to view the property to verify its condition and meet with you in person. We’ll do our due diligence and put together an offer for you to consider. We can offer cash or terms.

Should you accept the offer, we’ll begin working our way to the closing table.

Didn’t I say it was simple?

Where Does Contenza Properties Buy Houses?

At this time, Contenza properties is buying houses in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Can I Get An Offer From Contenza Even If My House Is in Good Condition?

Yes! We can still make you an offer even if your house is in excellent condition.

Although we typically buy fixer-uppers, we can make you a terms offer for a property that’s in good shape.

A terms offer, for example, a lease-purchase, allows us to make you a full price offer, while still having it make sense as an investment for us. The process is a little different when you decide to sell your house to us on terms, so this article follows the process of a typical cash offer.

Do I Have To Accept The Offer?

No, you are not obligated to accept our offer. And we will never hard-sell you. We make you the best offer we possibly can, and it's up to you to decide if it's right for you.

How Will I Get Paid For My House After Selling?

When you sell your house to Contenza, we will use a title company to close the transaction.

Using a title company ensures that all the paperwork and finances get handled correctly.

After closing, the title company will either send you a check or a wire transfer for your proceeds.

What Should I Do To Prepare For A Showing?

Here’s one of the many benefits of selling directly to Contenza. You don’t have to do anything to prepare the house to sell.

Check out the condition of the house in the photo below. We bought this house as-is, junk and all. The owner didn't have to lift a finger.

No cleaning required when you sell to Contenza Properties
No pile of junk is too big for us

All you need to do is be there to let us in and give us the grand tour.

What Types of Houses Does Contenza Buy?

Contenza is currently buying residential properties up to and including fourplexes.

We‘re interested in buying your house in its as-is condition, whether it be in great shape or poor condition.

We buy houses in all sorts of conditions and situations:

  • Old, outdated, properties with a lot of deferred maintenance.

  • Functionally obsolete houses, for example, only one bathroom

  • Houses that have been damaged by bad tenants

  • Properties with foundation issues

  • Houses with water or fire damage

  • Vacant houses that have been slowly breaking down

  • Inherited property you don't want

  • Houses facing financial hardship, such as foreclosure, delinquent taxes, or property liens

Don't worry, we've seen it all.

How Quickly Will I receive An Offer For My Property?

We aim to have an offer ready for you to consider within one business day of viewing the property.

We can make you an offer without viewing the property, but we don't recommend this.

Our offer may be too low as we believe the house needs more work than it actually does, or we may offer you too much and have to re-negotiate after a proper viewing.

Will Contenza Inspect My Property?

Yes, we will order a property inspection, but the results rarely lead to us backing out of a purchase.

We need to order an inspection to make sure we caught all of the critical things that need to get addressed about the house.

  • Does the plumbing need to be replaced?

  • Is the roof at the end of its life?

  • Does the HVAC have a few good years left?

We need to make sure we know what needs to get addressed so we can do so promptly after closing.

How Long Does it Take To Close?

Our goal is to close on your timeline.

Do you need an extended escrow period so you can prepare to move? No problem! We recently had a 2.5 month escrow period with one of our sellers, so they didn’t have to rush.

Do you need to close quickly? Great! We can close as soon as 10 - 14 days.

What If My House Has Liens Attached to it?

If your house has liens attached to it and you want to sell directly to Contenza, don’t worry.

Although we can’t always know exactly how this process will go, all we should have to do is work with the title company to get the liens paid off. Then we’ll be able to move forward with the sale of the property.

All liens must be paid off in full before you can sell the property.

How Will Contenza Help Me Move?

Easy! We can offer you a moving credit to help pay for:

  • Hiring movers

  • Renting a U-haul if you want to move on your own

  • Paying for a place to stay as you transition to your new home

  • Purchasing flights if you’re moving far away

We do not offer a fixed moving credit. We will determine how much we can provide you with after we lock down the specifics of our deal.

What If I Know Someone Who Needs To Sell Their House?

Do you know someone who needs to sell their house, and wants to avoid the typical headaches of listing on the open market?

We'd love for you to connect them with us.

If we're able to purchase their house, we'll pay you a $1,000 referral bonus.

You can make submit your referral directly through our website.

How Can I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is submit your information through our simple online form below.

After you’ve submitted all your info, one of our friendly representatives will give you a call to discuss your property.


About the Author

Jordan Reid - Founder of Contenza Properties

Jordan Reid founded Contenza Properties in April of 2018 to help homeowners solve their real estate problems quickly.

Since then, Jordan has helped multiple homeowners facing difficult situations such as divorce, property liens, and unwanted property inheritance.

Jordan believes in putting people first, and numbers second, which helps him reach the best possible solutions for the homeowners he works with.

Currently, Jordan and his team at Contenza Properties offer their professional home buying services in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Knoxville, Tennessee.


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