Tips for New Parents Preparing to Tackle Buying and Selling a Home

How new parents can prepare to buy or sell a home

There’s nothing like two little lines on a pregnancy test to make your starter home shrink around you.

Even if your current living space has been perfect for you and your partner up to now, adding a child to the mix sometimes means you need to upgrade.

However, the process can be intimidating. Contenza Properties offers a look at everything new parents need to know to make buying and selling a home less stressful:

On Buying

Use a proactive approach to buying a new home, and make a list of everything you need to do to make it happen.

Selling and Staging

As you strategize on buying a new home, prepare yourself and your home for everything that goes with selling.

Moving And Decorating

So you’re prepared to buy and sell, but what about getting from house A to house B?