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Top 5 Qualities To Look For in a Realtor

Man walking through a house with his realtor

When selling a house, choosing a realtor is one of the most important decisions you will make.

  • The quality

  • Integrity

  • And ability

Of the real estate agent you choose will have a significant impact on the sale of your home.

Your decision will affect how long it will take to sell the property and how much you can get for it.

Choose a Realtor That Knows the Market

To get the best deal, you’re going to need to find a realtor that knows the market well.

Many real estate agents boast of their ability and alleged market knowledge, but few can back it up.

You’ll have your work cut out for you researching and asking around until you narrow it down to the few agents that have in-depth knowledge of the local market.

Why is it essential for a real estate agent to have a firm understanding of the local market?

Aside from the obvious, that kind of extensive knowledge helps real estate agents determine what price range would be fair and give you the best chance of selling the property relatively quickly.

Look for a Realtor That You Can Trust

Trust is one of the biggest things to look for in a real estate agent. Remember, you’re entrusting someone with the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be at stake when selling your property.

With that kind of money on the line, you can’t afford to settle for less, let alone a realtor that you can’t trust.

Unscrupulous realtors will do all kinds of things that can end up costing you money or at least reducing your potential profits.

For example, if two realtors conspire together, they can prearrange on a price that’s lower than what you would generally be willing to accept, present it to you, and then privately split the commission after the sale closes.

Of course, this kind of conduct would be against the rules and regulations that govern a realtor’s activities. Still, realtors are human after all and are therefore fallible.

Find a Realtor With Experience

While seeking out a younger realtor still hungry for business has its advantages, it’s often best to work with a more seasoned, more experienced agent.

Younger realtors with talent might be able to get you an offer, but they might not be the best at negotiating.

Aside from those precious few individuals graced with an incredible natural talent for it, the art of negotiation comes with years of experience.

Pick the Realtor That Can Get the Best Price

Whenever you start shopping for a real estate agent, one of the most essential qualities to look for is the ability to command a fair price.

Even better, look for a realtor with a reputation for getting more than fair market value. A realtor that can command a price that’s above your expectations is a winner, and that’s what you want to look for.

Make Sure They’re Licensed and Full-Time

Finally, it’s typically best to partner with realtors that are both licensed and full-time. A part-time real estate agent won’t give your property the attention it deserves.

In addition to checking for a license, it would be in your best interest to look at reviews and see what other people say about the agent.

The biggest reason why you should avoid part-time realtors is that they generally don’t put in the same amount of effort as a full-time agent.

You don’t want to trust the sale of your home with a real estate hobbyist. You want a professional.

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