What To Do If Your Real Estate Listing Expires

What to do about an expired real estate listing
Here's what you need to do after your real estate listing expires.

Selling a house can take longer than you think. No one likes to believe a house could sit on the market long enough to pass the duration of the contract you signed with the listing agent.

Unfortunately, it can and does happen more frequently than many would like to believe. So what do you do when your real estate listing expires?

As it turns out, you have quite a few options available to you. The hard part is choosing the best option to suit your needs.

Re-List the Property with the Same Real-Estate Agent

Your first option is to simply re-list the property under a new contract with the same real estate agent you chose initially. If you trust your real-estate agent and their ability, this can be a sensible approach.

Choosing to re-list your property with the same agent could be risky, depending on your circumstances.

You’ll need to be frank and ask yourself some direct questions such as:

  • Did your real estate agent have your best interest at heart?

  • Did they respond to showing requests promptly?

  • Did they bring in any showings when they were contracted to represent you in selling your property?

  • Did they try to sell your property?

  • Are they a part-time agent or a full-time agent?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you might want to consider re-listing your property with another realtor.

If your original agent tried their best to sell your property and you feel that it just wasn’t the right time for it to sell, then, by all means, re-list with the same agent.

Just make sure you don’t end up wasting more precious time on an agent that doesn’t know how to sell.

Re-List the Property with a Different Real-Estate Agent

For those of you who were dissatisfied with your agent’s performance during the time you had it listed, you can always try someone new.

Keep in mind; there will always be another agent ready and willing to take another one’s place. Real-estate is a highly competitive field, and most realtors will do anything for the chance to snag a good listing out from under one of their peers.

Before switching the listing over to another realtor, be sure to do your homework and lookup plenty of reviews on the agent that you’re interested in.

It doesn’t do any good to sign a contract with an agent that’s just as bad or worse than your previous realtor.

Try the For Sale By Owner Approach