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Real Estate Scout: Service
woman walking on side walk near victorian style homes


Learn How to be a Real Estate Scout

Hello! Today you have the opportunity to become a vital member of the Contenza Properties scouting team.


Here are the responsibilities of a real estate scout, so read carefully to make sure this is a good fit for you!


Step 1: Look for properties that fit the below criteria


• Appear vacant.

• Boarded up doors and windows.

• Severely overgrown and unkept yards.


Step 2: Send us the addresses and photos of the properties you find. 


Step 3: Contenza will investigate the property and work on connecting with the owner to see if they need or want to sell. (Please note that not all homeowners will consider selling.)


Step 4: You will be paid for every property we close on that you find. You will be paid a flat fee of $500. Payments will be made when a property is cashed out of completely via sale, refinance, or assignment of contract.

You will also receive a $25 visa gift card for every 25 good leads you bring in. 


There's no payout limit, so the more properties you find that Contenza closes on, the more you will earn! 


Apply below to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!


Jordan Reid - Founder & CEO

Ashley Mubaraki - Partner

Apply Today to Join Our Team
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