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Easy Home Improvement Projects for a Quick Sale

Home improvement ideas for a quick sale

No matter the state of the housing market at any given time, there’s one thing that will always help you sell your home: Impressing buyers.

Remember that buyers will see your home differently than you do; they won’t have the history and connection you have.

If you fail to make improvements before putting your home on the market, it could lead to a long selling process — that is, if you sell it at all!

The good news is that you don’t have to drop loads of money on improvements to significantly enhance your home's aesthetics.

There are some cheap and easy projects that you can do yourself, and Contenza Properties has listed quite a few below!

Shape Up The Front

You want buyers to be impressed as soon as they pull up to your home. So spend a weekend removing weeds and trimming your trees and shrubs, and keep your lawn well-maintained.

Replace your old house numbers with new ones and replace or repaint your mailbox. If you want to add some pop to your home’s exterior, throw on a coat of vibrant paint (e.g., yellow, red, blue, etc.).

You also want to ensure that the entrance is safe and free of clutter.

Shape up the walkway, fix any broken steps, and keep shoes, keys, and mail out of sight.


Speaking of clutter, there’s no place for it in any area of your home while it’s on the market. So take time to declutter and organize every space of your home — and keep it that way.

Not only will this minimize distractions when you’re showing your home, but it will also help you to visualize improvements that could impress buyers.

Put Up Wallpaper

Painting is one of the most popular DIY improvements to make when selling a home. But if you really want your home to stand out, installing wallpaper can go a long way.

Along with adding appealing, elegant design to your space, the right wallpaper will stand the test of time.

Look for a wallpaper that has an adhesive backing for easy installation, removal, and repositioning.

By choosing a print-on-demand option, you’ll be able to customize your design, which means that you won’t run into any problems with the design running out of stock.

Fix The Baseboards

Baseboards tend to suffer significant wear and tear over the years. Fortunately, you can do some easy and quick repairs that will make your baseboards look brand new.

For instance, make sure all the nails are hammered flush with the boards. Patch any holes and cracks with wood filler, and then sand and repaint those areas. And add caulk to any gaps between the trim and wall.

Caulk The Bathroom

While you’re at it, check the showers, sinks, and other fixtures in your bathrooms for any moldy, dirty, or eroded caulk.

Throw some fresh caulk in the areas needed, and it will make the entire space look cleaner!

Cancel Those Odors

Buyers will instantly pick up on odors in your home that you may have grown used to. Use baking soda to neutralize odors in your carpet, garbage disposals, trash cans, and refrigerators.

And consider making a simmer pot before showings:

  • Apple cider

  • Pumpkin spice

  • And bay wreath

Are all wonderful scents for helping buyers feel cozy!

Who says you have to carve out thousands of dollars in your budget and undertake extensive renovations before selling your home?

Try out some (or all) of the ideas above, and see if they don’t add some major appeal to your home.

In no time, you’ll be impressing every potential buyer who tours your property!

Are you looking for a simple, stress-free way to sell your home where we make you a direct offer?

Contact Contenza Properties today! (510) 560-6800


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