How Homeowners Can Get Screwed By Contractors (And How To Avoid It)

Two contractors standing and cutting wood
It's tough to find a good contractor, but when you do, they are worth their weight in gold

Before we get started, I'd like to say:

  • Not all contractors are shady.

  • Not all contractors will take your money, do the least work possible, and ask to get paid.

  • Not all contractors wear the reputation the profession has earned over the years.

However, there are many out there who do live up to the reputation.

Unfortunately, some even exceed it.

To all you great contractors out there who:

  • Care about your work.

  • Care about your clients.

  • And respect the homes you service.

Thank you!

To all of you who live up to the reputation, be warned.

This article is meant to expose you, and protect homeowners, rehabbers, or any other client you may typically work with.

Now, let's take a look at all the ways contractors have royally screwed me in the past, and what you can do to avoid being next.

A Contractor Charged Me For Granite, But Purchased Press Board Countertops

I paid my contractor to purchase and install granite countertops.

We were feeling extra fancy and wanted to go above and beyond for a particular home remodel.

Instead, the contractor purchased press board countertops, which are far less expensive than granite.

To rub salt into the wound, the contractor took over six months to have the countertops delivered to the job site.

He made up stories (Looking back, I now believe the stories to be made up) that the truck delivering our countertops was in an accident.

He told us the accident had caused our countertops to shatter, and they needed to be recut and re-shipped.

Months later, still no granite countertops. Instead, we got press board.

Then, to rub lemon juice into the salt on the wound, he didn't even install the countertops. Talk about a mess!